Annaprashan Ceremony

An age-old tradition of grain initiation for the newborn requires some conventional decorations with fresh and alluring flowers, leaf strings, lights, rangoli, pictures of the baby and colorful paper crafts or balloons etc. Our team of BabyBless also takes the onus of providing an experienced priest for performing Hawan and Puja related to feasting the baby with the very first bite of solid food.


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Annaprashan Ceremony is a festival or a celebration that is conducted for a baby where he/she consumes rice for the first time. This is a Sanskrit term that means the initiation of grain.

The first rice-eating ceremony of the baby is usually accompanied by various rituals as well that are present in Hindu custom. People staying in various parts of the nation call it by different names. As we all know how a newborn baby does not consume solid foods right from the first day of his birth. Mother’s breast milk is the only food that is prescribed to them all the way from day one till his/her Annaprashan Day.

Rice ceremony

Yes, a rice-consuming ceremony is generally performed after a specified period of time for your kid. Normally it takes place during the 6th month of the baby. Different customs and ritual is also performed during this occasion before feeding the baby with rice. The importance of Annaprashan lies in various parts of India with different cultures and traditions. The preference of venue and how to celebrate an Annaprashan ceremony differs from person to person. Previously this ritual used to be done right at home along with the feeding of invitees.

But today, people want something outdoor and over-the-top celebration, at the same time they also do not want to create a mess or fuss at their homes. Thus, people have been nowadays renting a venue for annaprasan and celebrating the party. We provide venues as well to plan your full annaprashan ceremony or if needed at home as well.

Now with our specialized and professional team, you can get your baby’s Annaprashan ceremony done in the most beautiful way. We have a wide range of décor ideas and concepts to make a day that is significant for you and your baby even more special and extraordinary. From making invites to doing the décor, to photography along with preparing any return gifts. We provide all under one roof.

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