Japa Maids

What is a Japa Maid?

Japa Maid is a maid service that provides a range of services including cleaning, laundry and massage for mother and baby care after your baby is born.

The initial month after you have delivered your baby is immensely laborious and hard for the mother and requires intensive care for the baby as well as the mother.

Hence, Baby Bless presents to you our Japa service, where we provide a wide range of certified, professional and efficient Japa maids.

To look after both the mother and the baby during the phase when the baby has just taken birth.

The period, when we provide the Japa maids is generally 40 days.

If you’re looking for the most proficient maids to take care of you and your just-born baby, our Japa service is the perfect place for you to start with. When a baby has just taken birth, both the mother and the baby are in a vulnerable stage, hence it becomes quite significant in that phase to hire someone to take good care of the mother and the baby. Japas are not the same as regular household caretakers who provide regular household services. A Japa maid will keep in mind the traditional and cultural way of taking care of newborn baby.  The range of Japa maids that are provided by Baby Bless are highly efficient and experienced and know just how to take care of the child and the mother in the most typical traditional ways. Japa is highly recommended, especially if you belong to a nuclear family, where you don’t have any motherly figure to take care of you and your baby in the most conventional ways.

Although pregnancy is quite a challenging phase, the post-pregnancy period is something where it becomes of the utmost importance to take care of the mother and the child in the most efficient way. This is where our Japa service comes in. Now no more worrying about looking for someone to be on guard for the baby and their mother. Avail of our Japa maids service and get yourself the perfect Japa maid to look after you and your baby.

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