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Belly Casting – A Beautiful Way to Treasure Your Pregnancy

Belly Casting – A Beautiful Way to Treasure Your Pregnancy
Belly Casting – A Beautiful Way to Treasure Your Pregnancy


20 November, 2023

Belly Casting – A Beautiful Way to Treasure Your Pregnancy

What a ‘Belly Cast’ is…

A ‘belly cast’ is simply a plaster model of your baby bump! It is basically an art, hence you can get it made however you feel like. Belly casting is becoming one of the most popular prenatal offerings for all the moms-to-be out there these days. It’s the best way to keep a souvenir of your pregnancy phase with you for a lifetime. Also called belly masks, tummy masks, pregnancy life casts or pregnancy body casts, these three-dimensional sculptures offer a great way to memorialize your pregnant form forever.

Treasure your Journey with our belly and baby casting services

Having a baby is an amazing miracle and the most beautiful thing a woman can ever experience. Isn’t it that trying to imagine that tiny little bundle in your belly seems almost impossible? Maternity belly casting is a special souvenir for you and your family to keep for years to come. Even if you are planning on newborn photography or a maternity photoshoot, there is NO greater prop than the eggshell from your own womb. You can decorate your baby’s nursery with it or just simply display it anywhere in your home as a keepsake of your changing belly.

Belly casting can be a fun way and one of the best ideas to commemorate and remember the start, as well as the end of your pregnancy period and the different phases your beautiful belly has gone through which had housed your little one inside. Making the cast can either be a family activity, or else you can just have it all on your own as a part of a blessingway, or can even be an intimate one with just the parents of the baby. You can avail it at any time during your pregnancy, but mostly it is done between 32-38 weeks. You may even choose to make a cast for each trimester as a way to remember the changes that happened over the course of your pregnancy to remember it for quite a long time later in your life.


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