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Build Lifelong Cherishing Moments With Babybless Pre-Birthday Photoshoot Services

Babybless pre-birthday photoshoot services
Babybless pre-birthday photoshoot services


21 November, 2023

Babybless pre-birthday photoshoot services

A photoshoot holds the potential of stringing several beads of emotions in one thread. Joyous faces, mischievous acts, soothing sleep moments and loud giggling etc, there's too much to feel through a photograph.

An excellent photoshoot includes not only the miraculous growth of your munchkin but also the picky selection of decent venue, dress, captions and props as well. Hence promising assistance from a professional baby photoshoot team is a must.

BabyBless knows how to brilliantly capture the whispering affection of the baby towards you and a precious & strong connection between you and the kid. Our services include the below-listed features associated with an unforgettable pre-birthday baby photoshoot.

  • Selection of pre-birthday photoshoot theme
  • Picking the best suitable costumes according to the liking of the kid and selected theme
  • Providing options regarding the venue for a photoshoot
  • Offering a variety of props to make the photoshoot more captivating
  • Ideas regarding birthday cake choice

These significant features of the BabyBless pre-birthday photoshoot team uplift the mood of the baby so that we can smoothly capture those splendid reactions of your little one.



A quick view of the detailed description of our pre-birthday photoshoot services -:

1. Theme Selection -:

Themes are something that keeps the kids engaged throughout the pre-birthday photo session. Along with the kids, the selection of themes is exciting for the parents as well. BabyBless team offers a range of pre-birthday photoshoot themes.

Take a glimpse of heartwarming photoshoot themes.

  • Little Chef Theme
  • Innocent Doctor Look theme
  • Mechanic theme
  • Royal Princess / Barbie Theme
  • The teacher or professor look theme
  • Carnival theme
  • Painting theme
  • Mogli look theme
  • Superhero theme
  • Butterfly theme
  • Traditional Krishna theme

In these above-listed frequently picked themes, Baby Bless serves the clients with dress or costume selection and the preparation of catchy backgrounds. Our team acts according to the indoor and outdoor venue choice.

2. Costume Selection -

Our professional pre-birthday photoshoot team is well-versed in selecting impactful tiny costumes that can reflect the unique personality of the baby. We embrace personalized choices regarding the costume selection of the parents. The team ensures that the design and colors of costumes will go well with the picked theme.

We have ample costume choices for the baby girl, baby boy and the twins.

3. Venue Selection -

Another crucial responsibility our highly professional team fulfills is guiding the client parents in finalizing the most suitable and convenient pre-birthday photoshoot venue. Whether one wants to decorate the indoor ambiance of home or is inclined towards an open area like a playground and rooftop garden etc, our well-skilled teammates transform the venue brilliantly into a baby paradise.

4. Cake Selection for a smash party -

What else can be a soothing feeling other than watching the tiny hands smashing the cake in photographs? Usually, this moment belongs to the first birthday of the babies. The team suggests some brilliant ideas for presenting a tempting cake for unique photo shots.

The pre-birthday photoshoot team members help the kid keep busy smashing, eating and licking the cake like there is no restriction.

5. Props selection -

Props add spark to the whole setup of the professional pre-birthday photo shoot. While picking the props, the team's main responsibility is to ensure parents that props are not harmful to the kids in any manner. 

We keep the whole theme in mind while adding catchy props to the pre-birthday photoshoot setup.



How does the BabyBless team act professionally for a pre-birthday photo shoot?

BabyBless is emerging as the top professional baby photoshoot team at a great pace in India. The compelling reasons behind its growth are a few unique ways to serve clients with top-notch assistance.

Take a look at our pre-birthday photoshoot management.

  • Receiving the clients call for the pre-birthday photoshoot services and knowing their specific requirements regarding the photoshoot.
  • The team schedules the pre-birthday photoshoot according to the convenience of the client parents.
  • After deciding the date, we provide the options regarding the venue for a pre-birthday photoshoot. The team focuses on the locations that are close to the parent's locality. To skip the chances of rush and mismanagement, our team pre-book the venues for a photoshoot.
  • Coordinating the baby' or kid's costume with the chosen theme and equipped props is the main task of our team. We ensure the parents that the costumes will be soft and obstacle-free for the baby during the pre-birthday photoshoot.
  • Our professional team members know the best suitable timing for capturing the ideal shots of your munchkin. We scheduled the shoot after discussing the feeding and sleeping time of the baby. Only a good playing mood can bring the best shots on the lenses of professional photographers.
  • Introducing the babies the completely new surroundings is tough. But our team handles it well. We let the babies interact with the new things and capture their candid shots instead of forcing them to do some conventional poses.
  • After capturing all the praising shots, we arrange a setup for the cake-smashing session. Placing the cake and vacating the close space so that kids can enjoy it thoroughly are our prime tasks while taking cake-smashing shots.

Once the pre-birthday photo shoot is done, we clean the baby's body with wipes and soft towels and hand him/her to the parents.

Procedure for converting pictures into an album and a photo folder -:

In this era of digital dominance, the team prepares the folder including all magnificent photos of the pre-birthday photoshoot. But the charm of keeping the photos in an album never goes outdated. Our team has some brilliant workers who are well-versed in editing and designing the photos for accumulating them in a hard copy folder format.

We discuss the cover and portrait presentation of the pictures in the album with the parents so that your kid can revive all these beautiful moments after growing up.

Why choose BabyBless as your partner in creating cherishing moments through a pre-birthday photo shoot?

A few exceptional traits of the BabyBless team differentiate it from other pre-birthday photo shoot organizations.

  1. We provide photoshoot services in different packages such as first-month, six-month and one-year birthday photoshoots. This helps the parents in finalizing the venue, theme and costume for the session.
  2. Our services are time-bound and end-to-end encrypted. It benefits the parents in enjoying the photo shoot without worrying about the management of things and places etc.
  3. The packages regarding pre-birthday photoshoots are budget-friendly. The clients can choose the most convenient one according to their requirements.
  4. The team assigns baby photoshoot tasks to only well-trained and highly professional members so that they can handle the baby quite well while capturing the million-dollar shots.
  5. Along with presenting our services, we listen to the personalized demands of the parents or other family members so that the baby can connect well with the picture even after years. 

How can you book the team for a pre-birthday baby photo shoot?

The below listed simple steps are enough to hire us as a professional pre-birthday baby photo shoot team.

  1. Contact the team on the provided number.
  2. Share the details about the type of photo shoot, costume and venue etc.
  3. Finalize the date and timing of the photoshoot.
  4. Know the cost of the package that you have picked.
  5. Share your contact number and address details for the services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) -

Q - What are the top themes for the baby girl's birthday photoshoot?

A - Royal Princess, Ballerina, Barbie and Makeup Expert are the frequently opted themes for a baby girl's birthday photoshoot.

Q - What are the top themes for the baby boy's birthday photoshoot?

A - Superhero, Little Chef, Doctor, Youngman and Mogli are some top themes for baby boy's birthday photoshoot.

Q - Which props are added by the professional photographers in a kid's photo session?

A - Balloons, Soft Toys, caps, animal cutouts and banners are the main top elements added by the team according to the chosen photoshoot theme. 

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