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Know Your Munchkin's First Birthday Decor & Celebration

First birthday decor celebration
First birthday decor celebration


05 December, 2023

First birthday decor celebration

Hitting the milestone of 1 by a baby is one of the most celebrated and remarkable moments in a parent's life. The joy of turning one should not be an ordinary event but it must include all aspects to cheer and make the celebration venue a "One'derland".

To carry the first birthday bash of your baby one notch higher, it will be quite advantageous to take professional assistance. BabyBless is one such widely recognized organization that holds the potential to make "First Birthday" events a lifelong evocable memory for the client's parents.

Which tasks does the BabyBless team perform to make the first birthday of your little one a perfect event?

BabyBless team wraps too many services linked with a "first birthday celebration" in the package. Take a glimpse of all those essential inclusions.

  • Provision of separate theme ideas according to a baby boy, baby girl and twins
  • Assistance in opting for the venue according to the chosen birthday theme
  • Suggesting ideas regarding the first birthday invitation to our clients
  • Giving hints for the food & drink selection based on the decor theme
  • Recommending dresses for the baby turning one according to the decor theme

The first birthday is the occasion when parents and close ones go down memory lane and show a keen desire to relive those moments. Here the decor or embellishment of the venue plays a pivotal role in reminiscing them.

BabyBless holds a cornucopia of Theme Varieties for a first birthday celebration. You can add desirable specifications to those signature themes and make one of them "the best for you".

 1. Make your home a One'derland -

Willing to plan a whimsical and delightful decor for the first birthday of your bundle of joy? Go with the innovative theme of "1". Our highly creative decor team members know how to catch the attention of guests and kids towards One'derland with the following ideas.

  • We embellish the entrance of the venue with the spell of "1" by tucking pastel balloons with each other. Along with it, the team places a small welcome board with the name of the baby boy/girl or twins.
  • For the interior, we prepare a giant arch of subtle or vibrant balloons and place three big marquee letters including ONE. This will act as the best backdrop for your baby's catchy pictures.
  • The center and corner tables will be decorated with beautiful glass jars having fresh floral and greenery arrangements.
  • We use giant cutouts of animals, cartoons and superheroes as well to enhance the fun and traction of the theme. The selection of these props is a matter of the parent's choice.
  • Placing memorable pictures of the baby in an arch made up of strings can also be part of this decor.
  • The team includes sliding games, small swings and kids' jumping mattresses etc for entertainment.

The theme works for every kid whether it's a boy, girl or the twins. To add more indulgence to the theme "1", you can choose a cake of similar structure "1".

2. Roam like a racer with the car theme -

The inclination towards cars can be seen since the beginning of the baby boys' journey. Then why not it would be a perfect theme for their first birthday. Our team members possess the potential to turn the whole ambiance into a super classy car racing zone. Trust us, you'll find your little guests cheering vroom vroom vroom...

  • The team prepares an entrance like an international car racing event. It includes portraits or pictures of top cars.
  • For the backdrops, we utilize big banners of top car racing winners and cutouts of cars.
  • The table runners and the napkins will have the car race checkered flag prints.
  • Trophy-shaped cups, napkin boxes with the print of fuel box and table mats in the form of the racing track amplifies the perfect utilization of the theme.
  • To add more specifications to the car racing theme, we provide inflated tyre-shaped seating for the guests.

This theme depicts the love of the kids towards adventure and speed. Usually, it's a suitable theme for baby boys but making it a baby girl's theme needs no justifications.

3. An abode/fairyland of balloons -

Nothing else can thrill a baby other than colorful inflated balloons. BabyBless team knows very well how to please babies and little guests with this simple yet significant birthday decor theme.

  • The team provides options to the clients for fusing them with pastel or bright balloons. It could be a unicorn, spiderman, tweety, minions, wild creatures and Micky mouse etc.
  • We cover the whole ceiling with halogen balloons of pastel or bright shades according to the ambiance and clients' choice.
  • The team prepares the backdrop or center place for the birthday photoshoot with a round balloon arch and shimmering strings.
  • On the center and side tables, we utilize a bunch of halogen balloons in a straight standing position. Usually, we pick shimmery balloons for this location in contrast to base balloon colours.
  • The entrance of the venue will be embellished with a giant balloon arch. A small chalkboard and cute messages on the banner uplift the glory of this elegant entrance.

The abode/fairyland of balloons theme is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor ambiance. For the baby girl's first birthday decoration,  you can opt pastel or pink balloon theme and for the baby boy, vibrant colours like blue, golden and black are most suitable.

"These were some ideal first-birthday themes for one-year-old babies. Though one has scores of options regarding fancy baby birthday themes, we suggest you go with the simple ones. If your one-year-old baby does not find itself well connected with the theme, it will be considered all in vain."

Other professional assistance from the BabyBless organization to make the first birthday bash, a lifetime reminiscence -

Birthday Decor is not the only specification, BabyBless has. We assist and guide the client parents in several aspects.

A quick view of our additional services -:

  • We not only suggest the appropriate locations for the first birthday event but also place a pre-booking on behalf of the parent clients.
  • Apart from the decoration, we help the clients in arranging the disposable crockery which makes a perfect match with the theme.
  • Help in selecting the picky edibles for Kid's Corner is also included in our services package as our team is aware of their liking. 
  • If the parents want to send emails to their guests instead of offline invitations, we help them make a list and design a catchy first birthday invitation mail.
  • We also act as a mediator between the caterers and the clients for the lunch and dinner services.

Why hiring BabyBless is beneficial for parents on their toddler's first birthday celebration?

A professional team acts as a supportive pillar for the hosts so that they can completely revel in the remarkable event of their kid.

Here are some distinct features of the BabyBless team that enable us to build a unique brand image among others.

  1. We deliver end-to-end first birthday decor and management services.
  2. Delivering the services without delay is our prime intent while working with our valuable clients.
  3. Our budget decor theme ideas for all kinds of clients please the people the most.
  4. The team includes only highly professional and well-skilled workers for decor tasks as well as event managing responsibilities.
  5. The team members openly embrace the personalized ideas of clients regarding the first birthday decoration. Only imposing our services is not our way of serving clients.

Hiring the BabyBless team is quite easy for people who are willing to book us for professional decor services. You can contact us through the provided number and share your requirements regarding the event. We confirm the date and timing of the event and give a final touch to your booking.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) -

Q - What are the most popular first birthday decoration themes?

A -  Animal, Jungle, Carnival, Princess, Superhero etc are some top-rated first birthday decor themes. But we suggest you to go with simple ones such as a Balloon theme, Car theme and Fairyland theme etc.

Q - What can be the best venue for the first birthday celebration?

A - Usually, the homes are considered the best venues for your munchkin's very first b'day celebration. But we arrange outdoor and rooftop locations like - a small banquet hall, open garden, a rooftop cafe or restaurant etc.

Q - What is the ideal time to schedule the first birthday party?

 A - As the one-year-old kid becomes fussy during his/her meal time or nap time, we recommend you avoid these times for celebration. You should schedule it according to your baby's playful mood timings.

Q - Which will be good, a grand or an intimate first birthday celebration?

A - It is completely a matter of client's choice. But keeping it minimal will bring your munchkin's good mood out. It will be beneficial in enjoying up to a maximum extent. Apart from that, you will get the best shots of your baby during the photoshoot.

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