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Baby Shower Celebration Made Easy: Tips and Services for Moms-to-Be

Baby shower celebration
Baby shower celebration


21 December, 2023

Baby shower celebration

Baby Showers are events loaded up with a ton of fun. But planning and hosting this grand or intimate baby arrival celebration is a task full of creativity, preparations, and too many responsibilities. Though the excitement of a mom-to-be compels her to plan the entire event, it could be tiring as well.

Hiring a skilled, professional, and well-recognized Baby Shower Decoration and Management team can dial down the stress of a host "parents-to-be." The Delhi-based emerging organization "BabyBless" is one such well-known team relentlessly serving clients with the best & most promising decoration services.

Highly trained teammates of the BabyBless organization perfectly execute the decoration plan drafted personally by the client. Here are the prime inclusions in the BabyBless team's Baby Shower decoration services to make the event easy and memorable.

  1. Planning for the event according to the requirements of host parents
  2. Arrangement of the venue for the Baby Shower Celebration
  3. Finalizing the list of guests and preparing invites
  4. Selecting themes and other decor elements
  5. Considering the personalized wishes of clients and suggesting some tips

Through these above-listed essential services, BabyBless ensures the clients a vibrant celebration of their baby's grand arrival. Let's take a glimpse at what brownie points you can earn with these top-notch services after hiring us as your professional companion.



1. Planning for the event -

All loved ones wait eagerly for the new member's birth immediately after getting the pleasing news of pregnancy. To make these 'waiting moments' more fun and memorable, events like Baby Shower take place. But a well-crafted plan is the building block of an entire lively celebration.

BabyBless includes all the elementary to additional elements while planning for the modern baby shower event.

  • The team works on the 5 Ws to cover each aspect of the Baby Shower event. These 5 Ws comprise - Who is the host of the party When the party will be hosted, Where it should be hosted, What will be the theme of the party, and Why the mom-to-be will remember this event?
  • The team discusses all the five W points thoroughly and concludes with the agreement of the client.
  • While drafting an engaging Baby Shower plan, our team takes care of the client's convenience.
  • Expenses are an inseparable part of the planning of any event. We recommend the client add or cut off the services associated with the decoration.
  • To save some expenses, the team suggests some DIY ideas for decorating the venue. It gives a minimal yet significant touch of personalization.

Besides these basic inclusions in the event planning, the team amps up the celebration by summing up some captivating services like kid's favorite food, photoshoot on the baby shower day, costume selection for the mom-to-be, and some entertaining game suggestions to keep the guest parents engaged.

2. The Venue Selection for the Baby Shower Event -

The selection of the event location does not seem like a cake walk especially when the host family has chosen a specific outdoor theme for the Baby Shower. Several factors demand attention to finalize the best and most convenient venue.

Here are the determining factors of a venue booking to which the BabyBless team's professional workers pay attention.

  • The venue must be spacious enough according to the number of guests and family members invited to the event.
  • The venue must be equipped with all basic to advanced amenities so that guests can enjoy the Baby Shower event thoroughly.
  • The venue should be suitable for the theme picked for the Baby Shower event. As the theme includes some or several outdoor elements, only an open rooftop restaurant or garden will go well with the theme.
  • The venue should not be too far from the residence of the host family and must be easily accessible. It will save the mom-to-be from getting puzzled and tired.
  • The selection of venue also relies on the timing and weather conditions. For example- The host should not go through the outdoor locations in the monsoon and sunny seasons.
  • If the host parent is choosing their "home" as the shower venue, the team assists them in finely utilizing each corner of the home according to the theme.

3. Finalizing the guest list & invite designing -

Guests are the sole factors that infuse life into the Baby Shower celebration through their love and laughter. Our team helps the clients finalize the list consisting of all important family, friends, and neighbors. Due to being an intimate celebration of a new life's arrival, the client should avoid accumulating too many guests. Only the closest friends, family members, and 3-4 neighbors are enough to celebrate the joy of the Baby Shower event. The parents can choose one of these guests as their 'Co-host' partner in the shower ceremony as well. It could be the bride's closest friend or her sister.

For the invite selections, BabyBless helps the client by -:

  • Providing a range of catchy and innovative invite formats such as a library card, a flight ticket or a ticket to Fairyland, etc.
  • The team suggests a brilliant bunch of words including venue, date and time of the baby shower event to impressively invite the guests apart from the designing.
  • If the clients are interested in spreading a meaningful message through 'no paper' utilization in inviting the guests, we assist them in drafting a catchy email, Text or Voice invitation through digital services.


4. Theme Selection and Decor Items -

Though it's a tough decision to make regarding the baby shower theme selection, there are several ways to narrow it down. According to the professional & skilled decorators and theme planners of BabyBless organization, here are the factors on which you can choose the theme of your Baby Shower ceremony.

  • Firstly, the clients should keep the weather and month of the baby's arrival. If it's a spring baby, choose an outdoor flourishing nature theme that depicts the blooming of a new flower in your lovely family.
  • Themes based on the interests of the mom-to-be can also be a great option to keep her engaged throughout the event.
  • The theme of the shower ceremony can be based on a particular international city also.
  • The gender-neutral themes are also quite trending these days. Indian clients must choose these kinds of themes as it is legally prohibited to find the gender of the baby during the pregnancy period.
  • Instead of picking a flamboyant or highly expensive baby shower theme, pick a meaningful decor subject that can convey a message to society.

The team members provide a variety of decoration elements and props according to the selected theme. Here are the key things offered by the team in Baby Shower decoration services.

  • Banners and beautiful portraits according to the theme.
  • Decorated Baby Food jars
  • Attractive centerpieces made up of old items
  • Table clothes or table runners for the center and side tables
  • Hanging balls made up of floral & other decorative elements
  • A captivating photo frame or a separate photo booth for capturing amazing portraits while celebrating the shower party.
  • Food points decoration like - a decorative ice cream cart or jelly candies spot etc.
  • Decoration of the entrance area with an inflated balloon gate and a small welcome board
  • Props according to the chosen theme. For example - if you have chosen a forest theme, the team will provide cutouts of animals and natural things to make the theme even more lively.
  • Attractive cutlery and utensils to uplift the look of the center and side tables.
  • Beautiful backdrops for the wall areas of the entire venue according to the theme.

Besides these prime embellishing items, the team accepts the inclusion of personalized things. We embrace the demands of clients and add personalized memories to the baby shower theme. It creates a lasting impression on the guests and helps the parent-to-be to build a strong connection with the event.

5. Tips & suggestions to make the whole event hassle-free -

BabyBless organization has gained noteworthy experience by conducting several Baby Events in Delhi and nearby cities. Therefore our experience allows us to suggest some precise tips to the clients whose baby shower ceremony is just around the corner.

  • Start drawing the outlines of your baby shower ceremony plan for at least 1 month.
  • Choose the host of the ceremony wisely. You can also equally divide the responsibility of hosting an event among two persons instead of a single one.
  • Exciting games like - Count the candies, diaper raffle, guess the candy bar, advice cards, secret wishes and guessing, baby trivia, and onesie decorating station, etc must be included in the ceremony. Without games, the whole fun factor will seem missing.
  • If you want to make the event a smooth day for mom-to-be, make her the biggest star of the entire ceremony. Comfortable dress, favorite food, great pictures, and endearing music will make her feel like a queen of the event.
  • The budget planning for the ceremony must be resilient enough to add more expenses in the upcoming days. 

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