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Top Trends in Baby Shower Decorations and Where to Find Them

Top trends in baby shower decorations and where to find them
Top trends in baby shower decorations and where to find them


02 January, 2024

Top trends in baby shower decorations and where to find them

A baby shower is the very first celebration of a new life's arrival. Undoubtedly it takes the entire family and parents over the moon through too many fun moments. But the preparation to execute a well-drafted baby shower party brings a few worries along with too much fun.

"Where to start from?" is the very first thought that comes across the minds of the hosts of the "Baby Shower" party or the parents. Well, you can start from right here as we have rounded up the list of some brilliant, fresh, creative, and adorable decoration add-ups that will blend up smoothly with any kind of "Baby Shower" theme.

From decor to sitting arrangement to entertainment to invitations to gifts and photographs, these additional inspirations will uplift each segment of your baby shower party. Let's know about these trendy decor ideas and the most budget-friendly way to include them in the themed party.

1. Handkerchief Gift Wraps with a touch of vintage era -

Gifts are one of those factors that induce hefty excitement in any kind of celebration. But what intrigues the excitement of opening these tiny treasures is their captivating wrap style. If you want to please your guests through gifts, give the gift wraps a minimal touch of personalization. 



For preparing Vintage era handkerchief gift wraps, you will require some square-shaped handkerchiefs with distinct prints like floral, toys and cherries, etc. Now place the gift box in the exact center of the printed handkerchief and make a beautiful fluffy knot on the top area. To give the gift wraps a more personalized look, you can ask to print a unique message on it from the professionals. 

2. Beautiful backdrops with Fur Hearts - 

The arrival news of a little bundle of joy swells the hearts with pride, joy and thrill. So let your bouncing heart become a huge decor statement on the walls of the main celebration ambiance. For a baby shower party, you can pick anyone between pink and blue or both. 



To prepare the giant and fluffy fur heart on the wall, first, you need to demarcate a heart-shaped area with a wire or bending pipe. Now fill the whole vast heart-shaped area with the foam sheets to give it a bulging-out look. Now stick the pink or blue colored Mongolian Fur with the glue on the entire foam surface. In this DIY fur heart-making procedure, you can utilize an old pink or blue fur jacket as well.  

3. Spread sunshine with sunflower kissing balls -

Babies pour abundant sunshine through their giggles, mischief and adorable acts and make the whole world lively for parents. How can their arrival celebration "baby shower" be intact from the dashes of refreshing sunshine? Whether you hang these balls on the entrance, embellish the dessert corner with them or place them on the top of a centerpiece, the splash of reviving yellow color of the sunflower balls will supply serenity in opulence. 



To make the sunflower balls, you require some spherical net balls or any other porous spherical objects. Make sure these wiffle balls do not carry heavy weight. Now buy some fresh sunflowers and cut their long strands up to a certain limit and insert them inside the porous surface of hanging balls. To restrict the fall of sunflowers you can use hot glue as well. 

4. Wooden Bead Wreath as a photo booth 

Not capturing the beautifully crafted baby shower celebration will cause a big regret. Hence, clicking candid shots in a mundane manner won't be enough to make evocable memories. This time, you need to go for a DIY photo frame or photo booth to enhance the fun of meaningful photography. 



A wooden bead wreath can be utilized in scores of formats, some most common of which are - as a beautiful backdrop, a frame of a baby's big banner or a photo booth for all the lovely guests.

To make an eye-catching wooden bead wreath for the event, you must follow these steps.

  • Take a giant metal whoop on which you can simply fix the big wooden beads through glue and drilling.
  • Bring some two-piece or split wooden beads instead of the whole one. Now drill these split beads from one top end to the other one vertically and put them in the round metal hoop.
  • In the lower middle area of the metal hoop, add or insert some vibrant or pastel-shaded fresh flowers, leaves and other quirky things to make it even more natural.
  • Now establish it in a corner with the help of wooden sticks or canvas stands. It will give it a look of a perfect photo frame while clicking on the pretty faces of your guests.
  • Light-weight beed wreaths can be hanged with the help of strong strings as well.



5. Baby's name initial in a creative way -

There's nothing more joyous than calling your munchkin with its beautiful name. But on the auspicious moment of his/her arrival, you can decorate the ambiance with the name initials. It will not only enhance the elegance of your baby shower celebration venue but also intrigue curiosity among guests to know the new member's name. 

To make a creative initial letter of your kid's name, you need wooden cutouts of the letter. For example, if you're going to design the letter "K", three wooden cutouts will be required of a specific dimension according to the size of the letter you are looking for.

Now fix these parts of the initial letter on the wall. Place a vibrant paper or cloth sheet on these wooden parts with the help of hot glue. Prepare some floral designs with the help of foam sheets, craft paper or colored cloth pieces. Tuck these floral fixings on one part of the name's initial.

This beautifully designed initial of your baby's name will always remind him/her of your nurtured love and affection for him/her.



6. A creative centerpiece for the tables -

In a themed baby shower event, the center tables, side tables and dessert tables catch the attention of guests quickly. To leave a long-lasting imprint on their memories, you can utilize your old mason jars in the best possible way and transform them into an amazing fall centerpiece.

Take an old and big glass mason jar for the center table while the side tables can be decorated with the small ones.

  • Cover the entire outer surface with a colored paper sheet or a newspaper.
  • Take a clean foam paintbrush and paint the mason jars with different colors. Remember that, you should pick vibrant colors for painting the outer surfaces of mason jars such as orange, red and yellow etc.
  • Leave them for a few moments to get dried.
  • To give a rustic look to these painted mason jars, use a small touch of sandpaper on the outer surface.
  • Now glue the twine below the rims of the mason jar and wrap it around 5 times. Stick the loose end with glue and cut the leftover part.
  • Now place the fresh fall flowers and leaf strings in the mason jars. Your DIY fall centerpiece is ready to place.


These are some best and most frequently chosen DIY Home decor ideas and inspirations that fit smoothly in the simple & significant themes as well as in the luxurious ones. To give a personal touch to above listed decor ideas, one can add extra elements to them accordingly.

Tips to make the baby shower event more joyful & less hectic -:

  1. Choose a venue where the mom-to-be can feel free, relaxed and connected during the entire event.
  2. Keep the event a 'minimal' celebration. Do not invite the extended family members to the baby shower celebration. Close family, friends and neighbors are just enough to enjoy these great and warm moments.
  3. If you find yourself unable to become the host of the party and organize the whole decor, hire a professional and well-trained team to meet your demands.
  4. If you are going to throw a baby shower for your second or third child, do not forget the inclusion of your elder child in it. Allow him to participate in the fun decoration of the baby shower event and it could be a great way for him/her to welcome the younger sibling. 
  5. The decoration ideas must not be too expensive and giant as they will tract the whole attention from the games, entertainment, food and most important "parents to be".


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)-

Q - What kind of baby shower decoration or theme will suit you the most?

A - It depends highly on the venue, the personality of the parents-to-be and the weather or month of the baby's arrival.

Q - What are the prime elements of a Baby Shower decoration?

A - For the perfect execution of the baby shower event, you need a guest list, ideal theme, gift ideas, food menu, invitation card ideas and engaging sources of entertainment etc. 

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