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How Much Does a Baby's Birthday Decoration Cost?



30 November, 2023


Celebration of your munchkin's growth through birthdays becomes a remarkable event in any parent's life.  But the very first question that pops up regarding the expenses linked with the decor in the mind is, " How much it will cost to decorate the venue for the baby's birthday celebration?"

In such scenarios, the BabyBless team bursts the myth that "a classic birthday decor does not come with a cheap price tag" by providing some phenomenal and budget-friendly ideas for client parents.

Usually, the cost of decoration for a baby's birthday celebration relies on scores of aspects. But here we will discuss the sole elements included in the list of an intimate birthday celebration or a grand one.

  1. The venue where you are going to celebrate the baby's birthday
  2. The theme you have chosen for the birthday decoration
  3. Quality of the material you are picking for the decoration
  4. Quantity of the props included in the decoration theme
  5. The gaming items and swings you are going to include in the decoration theme for kid's entertainment
  6. The quality of invitation cards picked for the guests
  7. Quantity of the return gifts and their packaging
  8. Specific costumes or birthday party wearable for the guest kids if you want to follow the theme conventionally

Apart from these key requirements in a baby's birthday decoration, the selection of a professional decor team also impacts the overall budget of the client.

Based on the detailed analysis of some of these above-listed points, one can draw an estimated expenditure plan and know the trick of cutting down the extra expenses to save hard-earned pennies.

1. The venue where you are going to celebrate the baby's birthday -

An element that holds the lion's share in the overall baby birthday decoration expense, is the selection of event venue. If a client wants to host the party at home decor, the probability of a budget-friendly-themed birthday increases. If you choose a specific kids-friendly venue like a small open garden, rooftop party hall, a public playground or a banquet hall etc, you will need to pay a bit high charges for booking one of these locations.

BabyBless team acts as a mediator between the client parents and the authorities of such event venues. We can bring the best booking deals for you if you are seeking the closest and finest location for your kid's big day celebration with ecstasy.

2. The theme selection for the birthday event -

The wholesome vibe of celebration enters the venue with the theme finalized for the birthday. In the same way, the theme plays a pivotal role in balancing the budget of decor.

Here are some options regarding the expensive birthday decor theme -

  • Cotton Candy or Candy Land theme
  • Vintage Carnival theme
  • Beach party theme
  • Jungle book theme
  • Harry Potter theme
  • Superhero theme
  • Ballerina/Barbie/Fairyland theme
  • Underwater celebration theme
  • Space theme
  • Sports theme

If you have planned a pocket-friendly birthday celebration, you can make a choice from the below-listed simple yet significant options.

  • Balloon Theme - You can choose a pastel-colored theme to add a classic touch to the simple balloon decoration. The fusion of colorful inflated balloons with catchy and economical props also goes in sync. The differently-shaped balloons such as stars, hearts, and squares are most trending these days for a kid's birthday decoration.
  • Micky Mouse theme - An all-time favorite of kids, the Micky Mouse theme comes with an economical decor cost. Immensely based on the yellow, dotted black and red balloons, the theme adds a spark to the whole ambiance. To uplift this effortless and low-budget theme, you can add catchy cutouts of Mickies and curtains having a combination of black and red.
  • Minions Theme - Tiny Minions bring a grinning curve not only on the faces of kids but also compel the elders to giggle. You can best utilize this mischievous element in the birthday theme by including catchy minion banners as a backdrop, a combination of yellow and metallic blue balloons, golden and blue fringe curtains, minion selfie booths and minion name bars etc. The cutouts and inflated minions at the entrance will surely impress the little guests. The complete kit has a cost of INR 5000 to 6000.

3. Swings and games included in the theme for kid's entertainment -

The element of entertainment comes with the package of decoration in some professional decoration service packages. BabyBless also provides a range of varieties in the form of giant/small swings and entertaining games to clients who hire us as professional decorators.

For an outdoor birthday decoration theme the hosts have to choose the expensive giant swings and games. Unlikely for an indoor decor theme, one can skip them and opt for a jumping mattress, simple cradles, small sliders, a small playard, a small see-saw rocker and a small trampoline. We as a professional recommend you include only two or three entertaining options according to the theme.

4. Invitation cards for the guests -

Though invitations impact the guests greatly, they come with a great cost as well especially when you are finalizing personalized invites. To curtail the increasing expenditure on decor services, you can rely on digital ways of sending invitations to your guests.

Instead of printed invites, utilize the soft prints of invitations or write a catchy email for the guests with a lovely photo attachment. BabyBless team helps clients maintain a list including the names of guests whom they want to invite through message/mail. We provide services regarding designing a captivating online invitation for such purposes.

5. Special costumes for the guest kids -

For themes like pool party, beach party and jungle book etc, usually the hosts provide a specific costume to the guest kids to revel in the theme thoroughly. Apart from these themes, if you want to present kids as a specific character, this will make the inclusion of costumes mandatory in the event. By choosing simple yet elegant indoor decor themes you can avoid this additional expense.

How can you plan a budget-friendly birthday decoration by yourself?

If you are willing to save some pennies even after throwing a kickass birthday party, follow the steps and opt for DIY decor for the birthday celebration.

  1. Make the balloon bouquet and decorate the top of those vibrant balloons with shimmering confetti.
  2. By using pastel shade balloons you can cover a small area of the ambiance but the bold color props and items cover a wide area.
  3. Utilize the all-color cutlery to give a vibrant and fun touch to the kid's birthday party. You can use old bowls, lovely plates, and quirky mugs to decorate the center tables as well.
  4. Make a photo wall or a perfect backdrop with the use of old plastic flowers and artificial bouquets. Adding a sparkle with glittery string curtains will also be best for kid's attention. You can also paste an old portrait of the baby on the wall for a backdrop.
  5. For the entrance, make paper fan hangings, cupcake hangings an arch of balloons, etc. The tutorials for such tasks are available online.

These steps will help those hosts who do not want to hire a professional birthday duration team.

Why choose BabyBless as your partner in the fun & celebration?

Our professional and highly skilled team is acquainted with precise decoration and management tactics. Along with it, some exceptional traits of our teammates make us worth hiring for the best-desired outcomes. Take a look at them.

  1. Our services are end-to-end encrypted. The clients can entirely rely on us right after finalizing the booking of the decor team.
  2. Our budget-friendly decor ideas do not hurt the pockets of clients. They can grab more offers at a certain cost for any specific birthday theme.
  3. Our team includes only professional, experienced, and trained workers to deliver the best possible services in the required time.
  4. The team acts as a mediator between the clients and other authorities to ease the booking tasks. We assist clients in pre-booking venues and caterers.
  5. The team gets all ears when a client mentions its personalized inclusion in the theme. We do not follow a strategy of imposing things unnecessarily. 

One can smoothly hire us by dialing the provided contact number, sharing the requirements, and providing details about the date, time, and venue. The team will also provide the cost of the selected birthday decoration package during the discussion.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) -

Q - How can a low-budget birthday decoration be planned?

A - To plan and execute a low-budget birthday decoration, one should choose the theme decisively as the theme becomes a lead factor in the overall expenditure.

Q - On which aspects does the cost of birthday decor depend?

A - Selection of theme, venue, entertaining options, and props decide the rough sketch of an estimated expenditure of birthday decoration.

Q - Which venue will be more budget-friendly, indoor and outdoor?

A - The indoor-themed decorations help the hosts in curtailing the extra expenses and keeping it minimal. 

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